Next Public Meeting

We will be holding a meeting on Wednesday 4th February 2015

at Nairn Community & Arts Centre from 7 pm

  • to up-date everyone on what we have been doing
  • to hear patients’ and service users’ views on how we should go forward
  • to encourage new members to join our committee

PPG becomes NAPG

Nairn’s Patient Participation Group, originally set up by the GP Practice, has re-formed as the Nairn and Ardersier Patients’ Group. In essence it is the same group – same patients, same committee, same purpose, but now with a wider remit

The group’s committee was elected at the public meeting in April and has remained together ever since.

Our purpose is to ensure patients views and concerns are represented to those who provide us with health and social care services in the area.

As a result of a number of meetings with NHS Highland’s Head of Public Engagement and the Scottish Health Council’s representative in the Highlands, we will be able to represent patients’ views not only on health services including physiotherapy and dentistry but also on social care, such as care at home and residential care

We will be meeting in future on patients’ behalf with representatives of the NHS Highland/Highland Council partnership led by Jean-Pierre Sieczkarek, Area Manager South. We are currently working with them on terms of reference and possible arrangements for funding.