Public Meeting 4th February 2015, 7pm at Nairn Community Centre

N&APG Public Meeting

The N&APG are pleased to announce that we will be holding a public meeting in the Nairn Community Centre on the 4th Feb 15 at 19:00.

This meeting is an opportunity for members of the public to find out what the group has been up to since the dissolution of the PPG back in July.

The purpose of the meeting is

·      to up-date everyone on what we have been doing

·      to hear patients’ and service users’ views on how we should go forward

·      give patients an opportunity to meet Jean-Pierre Sieczkarek (NHS Highland South Area Manager) who will discuss how the NHS joins the dots between GPs, Hospitals and Adult Social care.

·      to encourage new members to join our committee

The group’s committee was elected at the public meeting in April and has remained together ever since, working hard to ensure patients views and concerns are represented to those who provide us with health and social care services in the area.

We have held a number of meetings with NHS Highland’s Head of Public Engagement and the Scottish Health Council’s representative in the Highlands. The result is that we will be able to represent patients’ views not only on health services including physiotherapy and dentistry but also on social care, such as care at home and residential care.

We have regularly met with Jean-Pierre Sieczkarek who is the NHS Highland South Area Manager. Jean-Pierre and his colleagues are very keen to encourage patient engagement in the shaping and provision of health and social care in our region.

We have joined Voluntary Health Scotland, the support and lobby organisation for the third sector in health and have participated in the Scottish Government’s “Stronger Voice” consultation on service user involvement.

We have also completed the analysis of the transport survey carried out with RCOP Highland and will be publishing our findings imminently. We very much hope this will help lead to improvements in the provision of transport for the many local people who currently feel disadvantaged.

So if you’re interested in how your NHS provides and supports the services you use please pop along to join in the discussions.

For further details contact info@nairnpatientsgroup.org.uk or call 07766 237312


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