Transport Survey

Transport Survey will be closing soon, please see details below on how to put your viewpoint forward.
During the course of the last year we have heard many stories of problems getting to the surgery, to the hospital and even to and from Nairn town itself, so we decided to find out more and see if we could help find a solution. We’re keen to learn a little about your experience of making appointments and getting to and from the surgery. With help from RCOP Highland we’ve designed two very short questionnaires you can complete, one about your last visit to the surgery or hospital, one about getting around more generally. 
Our interviewer will be at the surgery and various locations around the area over the next few weeks, so do stop and give her a few minutes of your time. If you’d prefer, you can complete the questionnaires ON-LINE by clicking on these links:
About your last appointment: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9SF66SM